Greetings! I'm Epiktetus and this... is...

If you're a fan of EpikTek then you probably recognize that phrase from the beginning of my videos. Epiktetus is the name I go by, while my YouTube channel is EpikTek and it's all about techy and geeky video games.

Under Construction

If you've found this website by accident, just know that we're still working on it. I plan to release officially when the channel hits the magical 10,000 subscriber count.

YouTube Channel

You probably already know about this, but just in case, you should totally check out my YouTube channel. It's pretty awesome.

Discord Server

I spend most of my time on the EpikTek Discord server. You should come join myself and other fans of EpikTek by clicking that link right there.

Games I Play

I've got a list of Games I play right here.

Twitch Channel

Sometimes I stream to Twitch. If you'd like to check that out hit this.


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